“Going Viral” is always what people think of when they hear the term video marketing. And while we’d all love to go viral, with millions of views, video marketing can be effective without massive reach.

We like to focus on meaningful views. These are the viewers who will actually interact with your brand after watching a video. That can be anything from clicking a link to filling out a form or even calling you. 

Here are a few types of videos that capture meaningful viewers:

  • Hiring Videos – These videos show off your company culture through interviews with real life employees and encourage people to apply for your open positions.
  • Customer Testimonials – These videos show the awesome work you have done and can include actual quotes from your customers to help encourage new leads to work with you.
  • Product or Service Videos – These videos show off what you do or the products you offer and can be a great way to show off your offering.
  • Video Demos – These videos can be used to assist your sales team in getting a lead through your pipeline and ready to buy.

Polaris is a database Monitoring and alerting Solution created by Arisant.

Before its launch, Arisant wanted to create a video to announce Polaris. This video along with a number of video demos were produced along side a new website to help promote the new product and help it stand out in a market that was flooded with similar tools.