Website Design



Your website may be THE most important piece of marketing in today’s digital age. Like it or not, but customers will make decisions based on your website, so make sure it reflects the work you do.

You don’t need a fancy website with tons of moving pieces to get the job done. In fact, we tend to keep things simple. Just look at our website. It’s primary function is to show you what we do and prove that we are a legitimate company.

When we design websites, these are our guiding principles:

  • Keep it simple. You want potential customers to easily find their way around. There’s no need for fancy designs and moving parts when tried and true menus and layouts will work.
  • Short and sweet. No one has time to read pages and pages of text. We keep things short and to the point.
  • Drive conversions. Whether you want to people to call, fill out a form, or email you, our goal is to convert visitors to leads.
  • Easy to use. We design our websites using tools that can be easily learned and operated so you can make changes without having to call a web developer.
  • You own everything. It’s your website, not ours. We set up accounts in your name and add ourselves as admins, so if you are ready to stop working with us, there’s no fight over ownership.


Global Construction is a commercial construction company that was in the middle of a growth period when they reached out to us. They wanted to push to the next level, but that their website was holding them back.

Their old website was dated and the copy did not reflect the jobs they were trying to win. In addition to this, the design of the website made them look like “dude in a van” contractors, not the highly skilled General Contractors they actually were.

Their new website changed their entire persona making them a company that you could trust with large-scale commercial projects.